transcanada 3

TransCanada 3 is an upcoming conference at Mount Allison University, July 16-19, 2009, co-chaired by Christl Verduyn and Smaro Kamboureli, Canada Research Chair in Critical Studies in Canadian Literature at the School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph. It will pay explicit attention to literature, arts, and the media, but will also explore the educational, political, cultural, and physical ecologies that have helped, or may in the future help, Canada to renew itself and to embrace its emergent as well as traditional identities. Some themes to be addressed:
  • First Nations: Treaty Rights and Justice in the Anglo-French history of Canada
  • Acadia: Exile and Return
  • Diasporas, Transnationalism / Transculturalism
  • Radical and Transformative Methodologies and Pedagogies
  • Hemispheric Studies
  • Affective Geographies
  • Ecology and Mobility